Live The Life You Sing About is a movement. It’s a call to action for the entire Christian music community to come into compliance spiritually, musically and personally with the word of God and for the members of this community to live lives of integrity. Live The Life You Sing About is a campaign to make Gospel artists and the entire Christian music community aware of what the word of God speaks about integrity and for each and every artist to pledge a life of strong moral character and for their ministry and every aspect of that ministry to reflect the character of Christ. This national campaign will highlight the sanctification that Levites were required to exhibit in scripture and to make current artists and others aware of these practices and to move today’s society into an understanding of the heart of God as it relates to Gospel and Christian music artists, worship leaders, Church musicians and all other people that are actively involved in the industry. Character traits such as honesty, humility, holiness, purity and ultimately, integrity will be focuses of this movement. The campaign will also highlight the benefits of following scripture and a life of integrity – the ultimate benefit of God’s reward and bringing others into the body of Christ. Each person associated with this movement will be required to agree to live a certain lifestyle, both on and off stage.

This campaign’s goal is not to shame others or to broadcast the spiritual or moral failures of any Gospel or Christian artist, but the goal is to remind the entire industry of what the Lord requires and the ramifications if those precepts are not followed. Through Live The Life You Sing About, we want to re-align the industry to God’s heart for Christian music ministry.